Multi-platform LiDAR Solutions

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LiDAR is one of the most preferred remote sensing technologies in the world today.  X1 Aeronautics offers LiDAR services using a variety of different platforms.  Our cost effective engineering grade solutions allow clients to increase efficiency, productivity, safety and profitability. 

High relative and absolute accuracy

  • KVH fiber optic IMU and a Novatel GNSS RTK system
  • No need for GCP targets

Rapid acquisition and processing

  • Data collection independent of sun inclination and position
  • Produces accurate elevation data in dense forested areas
  • Up to 200 hectares an hour
  • Ideal for mapping previously inaccessible, featureless, or hostile environments
  • Quick deployment
  • Repeatable projects reduce project planning times, field work and costs while expediting delivery times
  • Multiple platforms offer additional solutions 
  • Up to 60% faster turnaround than traditional methods

Improved data management

  • Multiple scans can be easily merged without loss of accuracy or data
  • Integrated geo-referenced orthoimagery
  • Many processes are automatic, further reducing processing time and costs

Instant high-density point cloud generation

  • 50 - 1900 PPM² 
  • A scan rate of up to 600k points/second
  • Real-time monitoring of point cloud at the ground station


Data integrates seamlessly with CAD, mapping, and GIS software
Point Cloud - LAS/LAZ
DSM and DTM - Geo-tiff, DXF shp 
Ortho Image - Geo-tiff
Can be converted to any format required by our client 

Aerial Lidar 50 - 1900 PPM²

Topographic Surveys,Surveyor,Surveying,Contour Lines,Photogrammetry,Terrain Models,Topography,LiDAR

X1 Aeronautics utilizes the AL3-16 LiDAR system, mounted to our custom-engineered 1300X8mr flight system. Both natural and man made features can be quickly and precisely mapped with our aerial LiDAR system, providing a superior alternative to expensive land survey crews, full-scale aircraft, and satellites. 


  • Terrain Mapping
  • Design
  • Planning
  • Monitoring
  • Change Detection
  • Feature Extraction
  • Calculations/Measurements
  • Inspection
  • Assessment
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Mobile Lidar 100 - 463 PPM²

Mobile Lidar,Aerial mapping,Digital mapping,Mapping,Aerial Survey,Land Survey,Topography,Geomatics

Vehicle mounted LiDAR overcomes the challenges of mapping linear features and increases safety of personnel.  Reduced field time significantly lowers traffic management costs.


  • Highway Mapping
  • Terrain Mapping
  • Roadside Engineering
  • Utility Survey
  • Asset and Inventory Assessment
  • City Surveys
  • Planning
  • Monitoring
  • Design Projects
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ATV and backpack LiDAR acquisition allows for quick data capture in areas that may not be well suited for UAV's or have limited vehicle access. 


  • Terrain Mapping
  • Power Distribution Line and Substation Surveys
  • Vegetation Monitoring
  • Urban/Rural Parks and Trails
  • Planning Monitoring 
  • Design Projects
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LIDAR Sensor

Mobile Lidar,Aerial mapping,Digital mapping,Mapping,Aerial Survey,Land Survey,Topography,Geomatics

  • PP attitude heading RMS error 0.009/0.017° IMU options
  • Weight 2.8kg
  • Dimensions 29 L x 14 W x 22 H (cm)
  • A scan rate of up to 600k points/second
  • KVH fiber optic IMU
  • Novatel GNSS RTK system
  • Number of lasers/planes 16