Fast, Accurate and affordable UAV Surveys

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Structure from motion (SfM) photogrammetry relies on a highly redundant data set of multiple overlapping images for a dense matching of points.  Recent advancements in UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) technology allow us to increase our point cloud density from 60 - 300 PPM² up to 1100 PPM² in average lighting conditions.  File sizes are easily reduced to accommodate client needs. 

Merging new SfM software and the latest GIS technology allows X1 Aeronautics to provide clients with a wide variety of final deliverables.  Project completion times are commonly reduced by 60% compared to traditional aircraft and ground survey crews.  SfM is well suited for areas relatively free of vegetation and supplies a higher level of detail, allowing management to expedite fact based decisions. 

High Relative and Absolute Accuracy

  • Accuracy levels average 2.5 cm, set prior to flight to accommodate the scope of the project 
  • Ground control points used where appropriate, depending on requested accuracy levels  
  • Image overlap of 75 - 85% in vertical and 60 - 80% in the horizontal axis

Rapid Acquisition and Processing

  • Up to 60% faster turnaround than traditional methods
  • Repeatable projects reduce project planning times, field work, processing time and costs while expediting delivery 
  • Tailing Pond Survey Example; 85 hectares, 4.5 hours in the field, 48 - 72 hours to deliver; point cloud, DTM, contour lines, heat map
  • Volumetric Calculations Example; two areas totaling 32.5 hectares, 2.5 hours in the field, 48 to deliver; orthoimagery and volumetric calculations for 13 stockpiles  
  • Land Development Survey Example; 56 hectares, 3.5 hours in the field (includes laying 7 ground control targets), 72 hours to deliver point cloud, orthoimagery, DSM, DTM

Improved Data Acquisition and Managements

  • 24 - megapixel commercial-grade camera system with a large sensor 
  • Integrated processing of orthoimagery
  • Seamless integration with CAD, GIS, and other mapping software

Instant High-Density Point Cloud Generation

  • Extremely dense point cloud of 60 - 1100 PPM²
  • Colourized to improve visualization
  • 10 times more dense than  traditional full-scale aircraft acquisition


  • Data integrates seamlessly with CAD, mapping, and GIS software  
  • Point Cloud - LAS/LAZ
  • DSM and DTM - Geo-tiff, DXF, shp  
  • Ortho Image - Geo-tiff
  • Can be converted to any format required by our clients